Bay Ambassador was a long time in the making. It all started when my ancestors moved here from Europe close to 150 years ago, becoming some of the first immigrants to settle into southern Marin, now the Marin Headlands/Fort Cronkhite area. It was on this land that they established a few of the areas first ranches and dairies. The family grew, and although generation after generation stayed to help out on the farm, many went on to become prominent business owners around the bay area, founding and/or owning many companies recognized as local and national institutions, even to this day.

I used to ride my bike down to my Uncle’s saloon as a kid and help around the bar, learning the hospitality industry and soaking up stories from locals. I enjoyed my time in the hospitality industry, and decided to pursue a career in luxury hotels where I was promoted to high management after pursuing opportunities at multiple unique San Francisco Bay Area properties. With a desire to provide the best service, I took a class, worked, and passed to ultimately join a small group of people to successfully pass a 7 star service butler class, giving me the opportunity to work at some of the few hotels rated over 5 stars, in the world.

After many years in the hotel industry, I noticed a need for a tour provider in The San Francisco Bay Area where the driver was both extremely knowledgeable and had a vehicle that could take guests to all of the sites around the Bay Area and beyond, often missed or inaccessible to larger tour companies. I are extremely knowledgeable about the state’s major attractions as well as hidden treasures and local secrets often overlooked by visitors. In fact, many people tell me there is nobody to have ever walked Earth more knowledgeable, in general, about California, than I. Now, our reputation allows our guests to enjoy a variety of privileges while traveling such as access to private and exclusive clubs, museums, restaurants, and cultural attractions. We provide unique travel experiences all over The San Francisco Bay Area and beyond while constantly searching to obtain the greatest partners with the highest standards. Ok, the bragging is done.

I have a wealth of knowledge I am both excited and passionate about sharing with locals and visitors alike. Come and see for yourself. I am the Bay Ambassador.

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