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Beer has been brewed in the Bay Area for hundreds of years. Before craft beer was known as craft, the Bay Area was a world class destination for microbreweries and small batch providers. Our tour showcases unique beers, some limited release, at unique breweries, in unique areas! You will learn about the brewing process and different beer styles while sampling a variety of award winning beers. Each stop will include enough time for multiple beer samplings, an additional beverage purchase, as well as behind the scene tours! Along the route, we share fun facts and fascinating stories of local history and culture. We also allow time for the much needed food and bathroom breaks! You will have the option of brewery tours in San Francisco, North Bay, East Bay, South Bay, Peninsula, Santa Cruz, or a combination of areas. Tastings/gratuity are included in the price at multiple stops and further discounts and prizes will be offered at each brewery.

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4.5 hours $125/Hour


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