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In 1872, Leland Stanford of Stanford University hired photographer Eadward Muybridge to help end an age old debate. Did a horse ever have all 4 hooves off the ground simultaneously while trotting? The answer is yes but more importantly, these series of photographs were the beginning of motion picture, right here in The San Francisco Bay Area. In the early 1900’s, the silent film industry called the Bay Area home and although Hollywood rose as the new motion picture capital, the beauty of the bay and iconic landmarks continued to put a spell on filmmakers and movie goers alike. This tour visits the best and most memorable Bay Area film set locations from movies and tv shows alike, both classic and new! You have the option to do a Star Wars theme tour, a general Hollywood tour, or a combination of the two. Not only do we watch movie scenes and videos during the tour of the sights we are seeing, but we will even safely recreate part of that famous movie car chase scene that had everyone talking in 1968! You will have photography opportunities as well as time to get out and enjoy each stop. Along the way we share fun facts, fascinating stories and great suggestions for fun things to do after the tour! May The Force Be With You.

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