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Dive into the Monterey Bay by wandering the picturesque streets that once claimed Hollywood Star Clint Eastwood as mayor or stare face to face with a shark in a one million gallon tank. Whatever floats your boat, this tour to Monterey, Carmel and the surrounding areas will be sure to please all interests. Our first stop will be in Monterey where we offer extended time away from the vehicle for nature walks, shopping, sight seeing, museums, aquariums, etc. After Monterey we continue further south down the coast, visiting Pacific Grove and finally Carmel. In Carmel we will also spend extended time away from the vehicle to wander the charming streets hosting world class art galleries and boutique shopping. The beach within walking distance from downtown Carmel overlooks an iconic golf course sitting on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, well worth a visit. If visiting the beach doesn’t interest you, head inland for an unforgettable wine tasting experience. Along the way we share fun facts, fascinating stories and suggestions to make your trip that much more memorable. You will have photography opportunities at each stop and along the route.

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12 hours $125/Hour


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