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Come explore and learn about San Francisco’s colorful history ranging from the first wild west settlements hundreds of years ago to the current day tech empire. After exploring San Francisco’s beloved sites for a couple of hours, we drive over the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge to visit and spend some time in one of Earth’s oldest redwood tree growths. Muir Woods has trees as tall as buildings in San Francisco and you will have the opportunity to walk amongst them for an extended period of time. Afterward we will visit the famous bay-side art community, Sausalito, with picturesque views. You will also have time to walk and enjoy charming Sausalito. On the way back we will stop at the picturesque hills above the bridge with photography opportunities galore. Along the way we share fun facts, fascinating stories and suggestions to make your trip that much more memorable. You will have photography opportunities at each stop and along the route. Not only do we explore cultural attractions on this tour, but along the way we discuss San Francisco’s rich culinary scene and offer suggestions to help you navigate the overwhelming amount of options we have in this restaurant mecca. We encourage you to take notes, especially on the suggestions we will offer for extended fun and things to do after the tour!

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6 hours $125/Hour


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